Bronze Tune-Up.....$30

This service includes lubrication of the chain and pivot points on the brakes and derailleurs, and one minor adjustment.

Silver Tune-Up.....$55

This service includes adjusting gears, brakes, bearings, truing wheels, lubrication of chain, pivot points on brakes and derailleurs, and a quick wipe down on the frame.

Gold Tune-Up.....$105

This service is everything from the Silver Tune-Up, as well as removal of drive train for cleaning, and full-frame wash.

Platinum Tune-Up.....$175

This service includes everything from the Gold Tune-Up, and complete disassembly of the bike for specialized cleaning, overhaul of the headset, bottom bracket, and hubs. This service does NOT include the parts, however it does include the labor of installation when the parts are bought from Andy's Mobile Bike Shop.


Add thorough cleaning to any service for an additional cost.

**These prices do not include parts or labor for installation unless otherwise specified.**